Korean Language has a Chinese backbone which means that a lot of Korea words that one must refer bachồng to Chinese khổng lồ understvà. Those words are Sino-Korean.

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2. He had given himself a nickname

Running Man cast members Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang So asked what kind of nickname does Klặng Soo Hyun have?

The actor replied, “There was a nickname I gave myself baông chồng when I was In elementary school.”

What is it?

Well, my name is so feminine I think it used to lớn bother me a lot. So, I nicknamed myself SOO MAN“KIM SOO MAN.”

3. His father is a singer.

His father is Kyên Chung Hoon & was the lead singer of the 80’s b& “Seven Dolphins.” (No wonder that Kim Soo Hyun has a beautiful voice he took it after his father.)

4. He is a bowling enthusiast.

5. He is Left handed.

Yes!He’s a left handed in real life but we often see hyên ổn right handed in his dramas.

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6. He is very frank.

The host of Star Date asked hyên what does he like?

A noona (older woman) or a dongsaeng (young girl) Klặng Soo Hyun answered both.

Host: Oh! Both very frank.

7. No commercial break.

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The#1Korean drama of 2012 pilot episode & Klặng Soo Hyun’s historical drama Moon Embracing The Sun on GMA 7 was“NO COMMERICAL BREAK.” It was the first K-drama in the Philippines lớn vày so knowing that commercials are so important to the network’s profit.

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