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Note: In haokhivietnam.com 365 apps for enterprise, the Office Upload Center has been removed & settings have sầu been moved into the applications (Excel for haokhivietnam.com 365, PowerPoint for haokhivietnam.com 365, và Word for haokhivietnam.com 365). For more information, go to lớn Files Needing Attention FAQ.

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haokhivietnam.com Office Upload Center now gives you a way to see the state of files you"re uploading to lớn a hệ thống, in one location. When you upload a file lớn a web server, haokhivietnam.com first saves that file locally to lớn the Office Document Cabịt before it starts the upload, which means that you can save sầu changes & immediately continue working even when you are offline or have a bad network connection. The haokhivietnam.com Office Upload Center lets you keep trachồng of how uploads are progressing, and whether any files need your attention.

This is helpful in the following situations:

You have sầu opened a file from a hệ thống, & the hệ thống goes offline. You can save the file, knowing that it will be uploaded when the server goes baông chồng online.

You"ve been working on files in an airport hotspot, và are about khổng lồ board your flight. By checking the status in the Upload Center, you will be able to tell when the upload has completed and you can disconnect lớn board the plane.

An error occurs during the upload. You are alerted immediately, so that you can fix the problem và resume the upload quickly.

Find and open the Upload Center

The Office Upload Center is automatically installed as part of haokhivietnam.com Office starting with Office 2010, và you can access it in a few ways, depending on your situation & the version of Windows you"re using.

To open the Upload Center using the notification icon:

Clichồng the Upload Center icon in the notification area.

Cliông xã Open Upload Center.

To open the Upload Center in Windows 8 or Windows 10:

On the Start screen, tìm kiếm for Upload Center.

Cliông xã the Office Upload Center icon.

To open the Upload Center using the Windows Start menu:

Click the Start button, then All Programs, và then haokhivietnam.com Office or haokhivietnam.com Office Starter.

Clichồng haokhivietnam.com Office Tools.

Cliông xã haokhivietnam.com Office Upload Center.

Upload Center notification area icon

This ibé also displays the status of tệp tin uploads through the following notification area icons:

Indicates that no items are pending upload.


Indicates that the Upload Center contains files that are pending upload, because the hệ thống cannot be contacted. These files will automatically upload when the server becomes available.


Indicates that the Upload Center contains files that are pending upload, because uploads are paused. You can continue to upload these files by opening the Upload Center and selecting Resume Uploads.


Indicates that the Upload Center contains files that have failed to upload. You can resolve sầu these upload failures by opening the Upload Center and selecting the resolve thực đơn for each tệp tin in error.

The icon can also insize you of the status of tệp tin uploads by displaying notifications

or if you hover your pointer over the Upload Center ibé.

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Use the Upload Center

View files in the Upload Center

The Upload Center shows you Pending Uploads, Recently Uploaded files, và All Cached Files. When you open the Upload Center, the default screen shows you any files that are currently pending upload khổng lồ the server. To see listings of the last 25 files that were uploaded, or all files currently in your cabịt, cliông xã the arrow for the drop-down menu and select which screen you want lớn see.


Work with all files in the Upload Center

To upload all files that are pending upload in the Upload Center, click Upload All.

To pause all uploads, cliông xã Pause Uploads. To resume all uploads cliông xã Resume Uploads.

Work with specific files in the Upload Center

To work with a specific tệp tin in the Upload Center, cliông chồng Actions or Resolve adjacent to the tệp tin, và then select what you want to vị from the thực đơn.


You can also select the file that you want to lớn work with và access tệp tin actions through the Actions menu in the toolbar, and through the context thực đơn for each file. The available options will change depending on the state of the file:

Choose When an upload has failed because another author has changed the server version of the tệp tin causing a conflict, this action opens a window where you can view và select which version khổng lồ keep.

mở cửa Opens the file so that you can view or edit it directly from the Upload Center.

Open to lớn Resolve When an upload has failed, you can open the authoring application that will automatically display more information about the issue và actions lớn resolve sầu it. This action is often the mặc định action lớn resolve upload failures.

xuất hiện Web Site Opens the website site where the tệp tin is saved.

Save sầu As Saves a copy of the file to your computer.

Save sầu a Copy This action resolves an upload failure by saving your changes lớn another location.

Sign In When an upload has failed because you are not signed inlớn the website VPS, this action lets you sign in to the resolve sầu upload failure.

Discard Removes the file from the Upload Center. If this tệp tin is on the VPS, it will still be available for download.

Upload This action tries to lớn upload your pending changes to the server. 

The different Upload Center tệp tin states are represented by the following icons:


Indicates that the file has no changes pending upload.


Indicates that the file has changes pending upload, because the server could not be contacted. When the VPS becomes available, the Upload Center will automatically upload these files.


Indicates that the file has changes pending upload, because uploads khổng lồ the hệ thống have been paused. To upload these files, clichồng Resume Uploads from the toolbar.


Indicates that the tệp tin has changes that have sầu failed to upload. You can resolve sầu these files by clicking mở cửa khổng lồ Resolve in the file"s Resolve menu.

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Office Upload Center Settings

Display Options

By default, all the available notifications are enabled. Customize which notifications and cached files you see by selecting or clearing the check boxes for the following options:

Show upload failure notifications

Show pending upload notifications

Show upload paused notifications

Display icon in notification area

To learn more, see Office Document Cađậy settings.

Cabịt Settings

You can phối the maximum number of days to keep files in the Office Document cabịt by adjusting the Days lớn keep files in the Office Document Cacheas necessary. Files older than the maximum number of days will be removed from the cađậy only when there are no changes pending upload.

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For users who prefer to work directly with the hệ thống, or who are concerned about their privacy, selecting Delete files from the Office Document Cabịt when they are closed will automatically delete documents from the cađậy when they are closed.